Rules & Regulations

The contest consists of two divisions: Egg Production and Quality – 700 points; and Breeder Selection and Carcass Quality – 800 points. A perfect all-around individual score will, therefore, be 1500 points, and a perfect all-around team score will be 4500 points. Only one member of each University’s coaching staff will participate in the placing of classes. Each coach may have one staff member assist them when setting up assigned classes. Please remember that no one present during official placing will be allowed contact with contestants until that day’s contest is over. Any team found breaking this no-contact rule will be disqualified from the day’s events. Please instruct all team members that extraneous marks on cards could interfere in the correct scoring so every effort should be made to mark only the correct box.

Membership on a team is open to any undergraduate student regularly enrolled in a college or university, subject to the rules of that college or university. No student is eligible to compete more than one school year. The instructor or coach in charge of each team will be responsible for the eligibility and credentials of the team.

Team Composition
Each team will consist of not more than four members, with the low-scoring member becoming the alternate. The team alternate is not considered as having entered competition, and will be eligible for future competition. If a team member becomes incapacitated during the contest, the remaining members’ score will constitute the team score.


Division Rules & Regulations